How can I get a copy of a report?
Go to the event search page and enter the criteria of the report you want. You will then be able to download the report. If you are unable to download your report, please come to the Police Department located at 400 Enon Springs Rd. East. Records Division is open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

How current are the RECENT ARRESTS?
RECENT ARRESTS show arrests from the last 15 days

How does a name get on the ACTIVE WARRANT/ORDERS LIST?
Names on the ACTIVE WARRANT/ORDERS LIST are individuals who have an active Arrest Warrant, Violation of Probation, Criminal Summons, Subpoena, Show Cause Order, Misdemeanor Citation, or a Bond Order for DUI or Domestic Violence.

CLOSED CALLS are call for service that come into our dispatch center from the public. They include calls for Police and Fire Departments. The last 200 calls from the past 24 hours are displayed.

My name is in the "WANTED LIST" with a Paper Type of "BOND ORDER". Is there a warrant for my arrest?
No. A BOND ORDER is an order issued by the court that requires the person, subject to the order, to follow a specific set of conditions or rules in order to remain out of jail on bond. For example, "No contact with the victim or the victim`s family" or "Not being allowed to possess weapons or alcohol". The rules are set by the court.

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